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Welcome to the ultimate VW insurance site. Regardless if you have a Watercooled or Aircooled VW, if it's stock, mildly modified or heavily customised, we are here to help.

We can cover you for agreed value, with limited mileage for perhaps your aircooled Beetle or Camper all the way through to a T4 or T5 that's your daily driver, during the week and camper at weekends and anything in between such as a Golf, Passat, Polo or Karmann Ghia. If in doubt just call us on 0845 1222 688.

Not only can we cover any kind of modified, custom, classic or stock VW in LHD or RHD, but we also have a whole host of little extras and niceties that you perhaps had never even thought of. Your perfect cover - for your perfect car - starts here.

Price Comparison

Do you love a bargain? Hey, don’t we all! But there’s a wise old adage that my Grandpa once told me, 'If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is' If you’re the kind of switched on punter that likes to frequent the price comparison sites, then fair play, but don’t forget to read ‘behind the scenes’ and ‘behind the screens’ when comparing insurance policies. Often, these price aggregators come with a whole host of terms and conditions that at best may fail to pay out in the event of a claim - and at worst, leave you facing a 'driving without valid insurance' conviction. Remember, the onus is on YOU to check that you’re fully covered, so please take time to make sure that you are. That’s why we staff our phone lines with real people, in a UK call centre to answer your queries.

Why not ring us up? It’s delightfully old fashioned and you’ll actually get exactly what you need. If you’re worried that that genuine Bambus parcel shelf isn’t going to be replaced if the worst comes to the worst - or that you didn’t realise that perfectly normal jobs like Students - or media (yes, really!!) may exclude you from being covered with other insurers, then by gum, we need to talk! Call today on 0845 1222 688.

Agreed Value*

Did you know that should your beloved VW be written off you could stand to lose £0000’s? To avoid this shortfall you can apply for the option to agree the vehicle’s value and if this has been agreed then there is no dispute should a claim occur? The small cost for this peace of mind is just £11.75.

*Subject to the policy selected and acceptance criteria using our online application.

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